Denny Olson's formal training as a biologist and geologist, as well as teaching nature for over 20 years in the north woods and mountain west, has given him expertise in many disciplines. He has done research on beavers, hares and loons, and received an M.S. Degree (magna cum laude) from the University of Minnesota. From those scientific beginnings he forged an unlikely union between science, humor, and drama, and established a national reputation as an innovative performer and educator.

Denny has trained thousands of naturalists, teachers and students in acting and storytelling techniques, designed practical instructional evaluations, lectured on Native American storytelling as a teaching tool, and conducted workshops nation-wide. He has performed his humorous alter-egos (Doc Wild's Unhuggables, Wolfman, The Grizz, Dr. Death, Prof. Avian Guano, Dr. Loonacy, The Lost Voyageur, The Mad Herbalist) over 3000 times in 49 states for over 2 million people. Included in these totals are over 80 conference keynotes, 50+ national park presentations, and 30+ universities.

His books, Way of the Whitetail, Shared Spirits: Native Americans and Wildlife, and Cougars--Solitary Spirits have been critically acclaimed. Wolf: Wisdom Warrior (a companion book to Shared Spirits) and a children's book, Special Gifts were released in 1999. "Critterman's World: News from the Woods" appeared weekly on the statewide Montana Today Show from 2001 to 2005.

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