For me, there has always been a suspicion that science and spirit were not mutually exclusive. From the time that I was a little kid exploring caves and rivers, I have recollections of watching wild animals. But the memories are also filled with feelings about those animals, and a suspicion that the differences between these other species and myself were not as huge as it appeared at first glance. Read More Click Here
After Creator was done with most of creation, he made two very special things. He called them "Love" and "Honor", because they were made of most of the good feelings Creator had for the World. He called them the "Special Gifts", because he suspected that they might be the most important parts of the Creation. Read More Click Here
It is only proper that an animal shrouded in mystery would have many aliases. Most Native American languages had their own name for the big cat. It is interesting that most of the Native names deified the cougar, calling it a lord or a cat from God. While most western names didn't vilify the cougar, the actions of European settlers were anything but reverent.... Read More Click Here

Creation is a mixture of things (including living ones), the processes which change those things through time, and the relationships between those things and their processes. But I think it's also made of stories. In this book, so far, I've covered the first three elements of creation, and I suspect that to this point my admiration and awe of whitetails .... Read More Click Here
To Native Americans, every stone, every plant and every animal was a teacher - a respected equal whose unique traits provided a model for human behavior. There were lessons to be learned from all wildlife -- to be passed down from generation to generation through stories. Stories such as the ones gather here, in Wisdom Warrior Read More Click Here
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