Prices for Denny Olson's performances, workshops, school residencies, and motivational talks are arranged by phone or e-mail, tailored to your location and event.

Honorarium for Denny's services range from $250-$600 per day, plus travel, depending on the organizion and specific needs. Substantial discounts are given for multiple-day programming.

Many organizations wishing to see an Earthlore performance are long on worthiness and short on funds. This is not an unusual situation. Education and environmental groups have traditionally been under funded.

Here are some ideas on how to save money and still enjoy a performance by one of Denny Olson's humorous alter-egos:

  1. Arrange other shows in your area. Often a phone call or two will save money on the honorarium (price breaks for multiple shows) and on the travel costs. Sharing expenses between two parties cuts those expenses in half for each group-- a considerable savings since travel costs sometimes exceed the cost of the program. Likewise, three performances split costs three ways, etc.
  2. Secure outside help. Fundraising for unusual education programs such as these is often as simple as asking. Some people to ask...
    • Local businesses or Chamber of commerce
    • Jaycees / Rotary
    • Kiwanis / Arts organizations
    • "Title" funding / Sympathetic individuals
    • Be sure to repay their generosity with the best visibility and PR you can provide.
  3. Charge admission. General public programs often ask for a "donation" to help cover costs. In fact, Earthlore performances are often used to raise money as benefit programs. Keep in mind that the success of a fundraiser depends entirely on the quality and quantity of advertising. If people hear about the performance three different ways, they will not want to miss the show that everyone is going to see...

"Doc Wild" and friends have drawing power, being featured on public and network television and having appeared in 49 states 3000 times for well over 2 million people. Use that to your advantage!

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